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grace just is


I am (very) new member...I posted this awhile ago in my journal, but I think it ties in with the mind/body discussion below - so I thought I'd post it here and see what you gals and guys think.

A what-if situation:

What if there really were life-like holographic simulators. Let's say you have one in your home - the size of small bedroom. You could meet 'others' in the room - holographic representations of the real person (who is in their OWN holographic room - looking at YOUR projected hologram). Now. If you are able to talk to this person - and they can hear you, touch this person - and they can feel you, look into their eyes - and have their holographic gaze look back into yours...Exactly how is this different from 'real life'? I've come to the conclusion that it isn't. Not at all. And so when we connect in 'real life' it's not really connecting with the actual flesh...not really hearing the actual voice with our actual ears...but it is the communication from one 'being' to another. And it raises the question of what exactly is doing the communicating...
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